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George (Jiang Feng) Talented, respected son of Zhou Lin Mei who can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and educated with two highly prized degrees including a Masters of Philosophy from the well respected University of York in England.

  "Hello I am George to our English Friends"

George also known as Feng is Zhou Lin Mei's Changzhou's sales contact and  International Director of Marketing. He is able to assess the orders, obtain designs and provide mass & individual delivery prices and delivery charges. George loves to chat in English and loves the culture and traditions of England. He is a friendly, approachable educated male who has a keen mind for business with a welcome smile for everyone and can well able to get on with anybody. He is a "Hang pan yen!, a close best, brother friend of  our English Sales Contact Noel Crompton.


We deliver Worldwide Zhou Lin Mei.com   We deliver Worldwide Zhou Lin Mei.com

有天才的喬治(江Feng),能與二高度得獎的度讲英语,普通話,廣東,日語和教育包括哲學大師從約克,英國深受尊重的大學的周・林Mei的受尊敬的兒子。亦稱喬治Feng是周・林Mei' s Changzhou' s銷售接触和國際行销主管。 他能估計命令,得到設計和提供許多& 各自的交付價格和送货费。喬治愛聊天用英语并且愛英國的文化和傳統。他是有事務的一個敏銳的頭腦與大家的受歡迎的微笑并且很好能能得到與任何人的一個友好,可接洽的教育的男性。他是" 吊平底鍋日元! 接近的最好,我們的英國经销总理Noel Crompton的兄弟朋友




Noel Crompton who is married to Bridget and lives & resides in the City of York, England. He looks after marketing in the UK and visits his friends and trading partners in China whenever possible. He has a Honours degree in Technology, and has been a Member of The Institute of Supervisory Management, and is now a Member of The Institute of Leadership and Management. Thanks to Jiang Feng he is learning Mandarin to help boast our business cooperation between our two families, friendship and our countries


Cheers from George and Noel  


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